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Dear friends, welcome to the Australian Shepherd database homepage!

Our website is dedicated to merge data together about Australian Shepherds. Over the years our database has become very popular all over the world. Many Aussie breeders and owners use it to look up the pedigrees, planning litters or as another opportunity just to have their dog's page at the web. We are grateful to all Aussie people for their cooperation and input to the database!

Using the alphabetical navigation above or using the search form you can find the dogs that you need by known criteria. The information is open for everybody.

1. By clicking the links below download the form, fill it and send it to us (there are the additional instructions in the form). Email addresses of admins you may find at this page.

2. Send a copy of pedigree to our email. You may also add up to 5 photos per dog.

If your dog is already in the database and you want to update information (for example, change photo, add titles, health results, pedigree number etc.) you should send the data to our email. Official info such as titles, health tests results, working titles are accepted upon the copies of diplomas/certificates or from any other official web source (such as OFA, FCI kennel clubs' databases etc.) or pedigrees. Attention!Graphic files (photos or scans) are accepted ONLY in JPG format. Please do not forget also resize them not to be too heavy but readable.

Account, health tests, titles, working titles, add kennel, add dog or litter:
Adina Kovalenko-aussie-info@yandex.ru
Dog show reports, add dog or litter, update data:
Natalia Lukyanina-siberian777cat@yandex.ru

1. Send marked copy of catalog, with info about the date, place and judge.
2. Send a link to the online results.
You may also add a critique and 1 photo from the ring.
Attention!We add whole report from breed ring, not only your particular dog!

We also want to notice that our database have sport events reports. To add one you need to send a copy of diploma with a note about kind of sport, date, place, name of the judge to our admins.

Discussion about the database and main news are onFacebook.

All requests are processed in order of their receipt. It can take in average from some days to one month depending on the workload and free time of the admins (yes we are also people and work on the database on our enthusiasm and dedication to the breed!). Thus, to make us less work and speed up the process, we kindly ask you to send everything correct and sorted out! For example, data on one dog per one email, the second dog in the second email. Or name the files you send (not IMG0033 but MDR1 or RussianChampion). Or place two or more health tests per one photo, as soon as every uploading takes some time and actions. Or write text of show critique, not only image that is usually hard to read. Or NOT to send those tests which are already there. And so on. Thank you for understanding!


-I have sent certificates/diplomas of my dog, it's been a while but they were not added or there are only a part of them. Why?
-Most probably they were sent in non-acceptable format (PDF, PNG). We add only JPG files.
-By sending health certificates make sure that it is not cropped too much. Laboratory name and result ID should be there.
-Perhaps you've resent an email from a lab, not a certificate.

-My dog is clear by parentage. How to put it to my dog's page?
-If parents' tests are already there, just put it to our attention and we will write the tests to your dog.
-If not, ask your breeder and send them to us.

-How can I get an account?
-Account costs some money with yearly renewal. Account allows to keep a dog's page for the owner or the dogs and litters if you are a breeder. The main advantage of the account is the speed of the data updates.

-I've sent the data / asked to make some updates in private message on Facebook. But it's still the same.
-Private messages are the private messages, they exist for private life. All that concerns our Aussie database is to be sent via the email addresses which you see on this page. Data from PM is not processed.

-How can I add my dog's CAC, CACIB, BOB and so on?
-All similar to those titles appear at the dog's page automatically after the dog show is added and confirmed. It's done solely by the database engine. To get fuller picture you may want to keep show catalogs and try to mark it with the results.

-I have entered my dog to the database but it doesn't show anywhere, I can't find it using search engine. Or: I see my dog in the dog show report but otherwise it doesn't appear anywhere. Why?
-Yes, your dog is already registered in our database but it's waiting for approval by main admin. There are usually more than hundred of dogs waiting for approval so please wait some time. After approval it will be accessable via search engine and relationship links.

-The list of shows of my dog is on his page. Why are some show certificates missing?
-If some show certificates are missing, show report hasn't been confirmed yet. They are going to be there after approval.


We want to say "Thank you" to those people who beleived in necessity and advantage of this project for our breed and supported it:

Yuliya Golland
Maria Hanninen
Julia Katuschenkova
Olga Migovich
Elena Malygina
Adina Kovalenko
Daria Ursova
Margarita Andreeva
Aleksandra Cherednichenko
Maria Parshukova
Ludmila Shamanaeva
Maksim Sychkov
Vyacheslav Kochmin
Natalya Sheynina
Oksana Zaborcshikova
Oksana Kazeko
Ekaterina Zverintseva
Olga Filonova

Dogs in base: 40339

Fernando Gorzowska Panorama

Preeminent Line Elite

Happy Pixi Nova Irlandia

Aussie Baron Paracortus

Tosca Baritus

55. Torunska Krajowa Wystawa Psow Rasowych Golub-Dobrzyn
03.05.2022, POLAND

Krajowa wystawa psow rasowych Chmielno
07.05.2022, POLAND

Miedzynarodowa Wystawa Psow Rasowych Lodz
14.05.2022, POLAND

Krajowa wystawa psow rasowych Chmielno
08.05.2022, POLAND

XXIV Miedzynarodowa Wystawa Psow Rasowych Krakow
12.06.2022, POLAND

5 sires, having biggest number of offsprings in the base

My Main Man of Heatherhill

232 Offsprings in base

Seventy Seven Storm Is Coming

197 Offsprings in base

Chupachups Del Whymper Delle Grandes Jorasses

162 Offsprings in base

Arrogance of Heatherhill

162 Offsprings in base

Las Rocosa Shiloh

124 Offsprings in base