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Dear friends, welcome to the Australian Shepherd database homepage!

Our website is dedicated to merge data together about Australian Shepherds. We put into the database all known ancestors of Russian Aussies and other Aussies from all over the world. We invite all Aussie owners to cooperate in filling the database!

Using the alphabetical navigation above or using the search form you can find the dogs that you need by known criteria. The information is open for everybody.

If you dont see your dog in the database you can add it by filling out the form. Simply download the form from the link below and email to the admins

Add Dog
Add Litter

Or writing an email to the administrators:
Adina Kovalenko - aussie-info@yandex.ru
Natalia Lukyanina - siberian777cat@yandex.ru

If you are the owner of a dog which is already in the database but you want to update its information or photo its easy to do by sending email to the admins.

In the Shows section you will find reports from the dog shows RKF-FCI full data on which is known to the database editors. To add the dog show you need to send copies of catalogue pages with Australian Shepherds, diploma and critique (optional) with notes about the date, place and judge to the database admin. If you want to add the critique of your Aussie to the existing report or change a photo you can always send its copy to the admins and it will be added soon.
The copies of the documents can be sent as a scan or photograph.

In the Kennels section there is a list of Kennel names and breeders who breed Australian Shepherds in the world.

We also want to notice that our database have sport events reports. To add one you need to send a copy of diploma with a note about kind of sport, date, place, name of the judge to our admins.


We want to say "Thank you" to those people who beleived in necessity and advantage of this project for our breed and supported it:

Yuliya Golland
Maria Hanninen
Julia Katuschenkova
Olga Migovich
Elena Malygina
Adina Kovalenko
Daria Ursova
Margarita Andreeva
Aleksandra Cherednichenko
Maria Parshukova
Ludmila Shamanaeva
Maksim Sychkov
Vyacheslav Kochmin
Natalya Sheynina
Oksana Zaborcshikova
Oksana Kazeko
Ekaterina Zverintseva
Olga Filonova

Dogs in base: 27269


Invisible Spirit Beckham

Invisible Spirit Bliss Beside

Invisible Spirit Best Flame Of My Life

Invisible Spirit Bentley Stefania

23.03.2019, Ulyanovsk

Clubshow 2016
14.05.2016, HUNGARY

- 2019
16.03.2019, Orel

19.01.2019, Chelyabinsk

- 2019 ()
16.02.2019, Chelyabinsk

5 sires, having biggest number of offsprings in the base

My Main Man of Heatherhill

231 Offsprings in base

Arrogance of Heatherhill

162 Offsprings in base

Chupachups Del Whymper Delle Grandes Jorasses

162 Offsprings in base

Las Rocosa Shiloh

123 Offsprings in base

Thornapple Uncle Sam Wants You

116 Offsprings in base